You want a commission of something you saw in a painting, found in a museum or designed yourself?


You want something from my shop but in another colour, size or length?


Write to me! A lot of things are possible to be (re)created or altered! I can’t promise that I surely can do it but I’ll try my best to realize your wishes!

Please note that as a lot of my pieces are unique they cannot be reproduced exactly. I collect materials for my works all over the world, so some of the materials might not be available at short notice.


I want the same closure as the original / I want sterling silver hooks instead, can you change it?


For the most part, yes! Nearly all necklaces and bracelets can be made with hooks or ribbons instead of carbines or locks. I can also easily change most earrings. These alterations are free of charge unless stated otherwise in the product description.



 You want something cast in bronze?


Write to me! For bronze-cast items, I need several hours to carve the design in special wax, then make a mold and cast it at ~1100°C. Therefore, I can offer a better price if I can re-use the design for other pieces or if you want a series. The waiting time for custom bronze pieces depends on the size and the quantity due to the casting process.


You have an old piece you want to turn into something new or alter it to your liking?


You can send it to me! I can use the pieces you have from e.g. an old necklace and turn it into your historical piece of art or alter it to something you can wear every day and be happy with it again. I also fix broken strands or closures.


The price for an hour of work is 40€, excluding the cost of materials. Alterations of items from the shop in terms of size, colour or closures are free of charge unless the material costs of the replacement (e.g. a different kind of beads) is higher.



Please note that commissions and significant changes are excluded from returns as they are made specifically for you!