Examples of my work in chronological order from Prehistory to Modern times in chronological order:

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No copyright givenHair pins, Hallstatt, 13th-5th century BC
Greek dress buttons, 500 BC, British museum, London
Estruscan tiara, last quarter of 6th century BC
after wall painting from Tomba del Barone, Tarquinia
Etruscan inspired earrings, original: 1st century BC, private collection
Romano-Celtic fibula, 100-300 AD, Britain, Met museum, New York
Roman ring, 1st century, Colchester (GB), real gold plated bronze with garnet
Roman earrings, 1st-2nd century AD, British Museum, London
Roman distaff, 1st-3nd century AD, British, private collection
Roman earrings, 1st-2nd century AD, Cyprus, Met museum, New York
Roman necklace, 2nd-3rd century AD, Germany
Ostrogothic fibula, Byzantine workshop?, 5th century, museum Nuremberg

Byzantine earrings, 7th century, Cleveland museum of Art
Byzantine necklace, 7th century? No more details found
Coronet, 1200 - early 14th century, picture: detail from Codex Manesse, UB Heidelberg, Cod. Pal. germ. 848
A Goldsmith in his Shop, Petrus Christus, 1449, detail, Met museum, New York
and others
Fede ring, 14th - 15th century, silver


Carlo Crivelli, Polyptichon of Sant'Emidio, St. Catherine of Alexandria, 1473
Portrait of Mary of Burgundy, late 15th century, Flemish master, ?
Portrait of Anne Boleyn, English School, 1533?, ?
Pendant after many examples from the 16th century, Italy to England. Picture: V&A museum London
Portrait of a lady, school of Fontainbleau, 16th Century, private collection?
Portrait, Venetian school, second half of 16th century, ?
Pendant, Cheapside hoard, around 1600, Museum of London
Portrait of Frances Seymore, 1623, ?
Portrait of a Woman wearing a pearl necklace,
unidentified artist, French, 1638, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Luckenbooth brooch, early 18th century, Edinburgh, private collection
Necklace, 18th century, private collection


Caroline Murat, Queen of Naples, before 1815?, ?
Diadem, miniature of Henriette Rottmann, Joseph Krafft, 1820,
and many more examples
Set "Nymphae", practical work of final exam of jewelry school, 2021, bronze and silver
Buckles, inspired by Gondorian buckles, Lord of the Rings films, 2021, brass (aged)
Cloak buckles, 2021, brass (aged)
Buckle, 2021, bronze
Art nouveau inspired necklace, 2023, bronze and silver with serpentine
Northern stars, 2023, silver and aquamarine